About us

Welcome to RockCyprus!

RockCyprus is the online hub for everyone with their black hearts into Rock Music in Cyprus, the online community portal for everything rock related on the island and beyond.

We provide a place for the rock community to hang out, find detailed information about bands, events etc. We cover all genres of Rock Music, from pop rock to black metal, from symphonic rock to punk, from haunting melodic vocals to growls spawned in the pits of Hell.

Rock Gods and Goddesses hang out here and so should you!

Our RockCyprus shop is here to help you express yourselves, not only through music but also your looks. While celebrating rebellious attitude, we create unique designs for clothing that will show off your style and taste.

Check out our collection of unique, edgy designs created by BlackTones for RockCyprus and Ravensthrone. You won't find these anywhere else! We create products that will stand out, while making you feel unapologetically yourself.

Follow your passion for rock music and use our designs as an expression of your lifestyle. Party hard, enjoy rock events, get creative and show your totally badass attitude and style.

We want to be the place where passionate rock souls can find unique items to enjoy fully. Feel free to contact us anytime at shop@rockcyprus.org